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Sarajevo got its name according the palace in field. Long ago, the field was the great grain-growing-region of this valley, and when the corn was ripe, the color of the field was golden. The valley was named Golden Valley before it got the name Sarajevo. That golden valley was known for the way that, during warm periods, it was chilled with the rains of Sarajevo, whose drops seemed as if they were diamonds, and so it got its name.

Hotel boutique “Diamond Rain”  is situated in the center of the Old Town, in direct vicinity of Bašćaršija, in the area that has for centuries been known as mahala “Bistrik” of Sarajevo, as well as near the artefacts which are under the national protection of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as being in the vicinity of the Cable car of Sarajevo.

There is an especially distinctive multi-ethnic sentiment of Sarajevo, where in direct vicinity are the Islamic, Christian, and Jewish houses of worship.

It is enough to cross the famous Latin Bridge, where, in 1914, the assassination of the crown-prince Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sofija occurred, what later induced the beginning of the First World War.

Due to its special architecture, the hotel has accommodated to the area, with its luxurious apartments and rooms, it offers relaxation for its guests. The various floors are connected with a lift, and the hotel offers a closed recreational swimming pool, overvaulted with domes where the rain is seen descending from the ceiling like diamond.

The design of the swimming pool represents the deep connection of Sarajevo and Dubrovnik has lasting through the Middle Ages. The special seal is the recognition to ruler of Bosnia and founder of the town of Sarajevo, Isa-beg Ishaković, from the Republic of Dubrovnik.

The spa also has a complete infrared sauna, being world’s trend in health culture.

The Hotel opened January 1st, 2020.

The building was devised and designed by famous architect and artist Mufid Garibija.

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24 Hour Front Desk

Swimming Pool & Infrared Sauna

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